Culture Change

Investment in culture, leadership, engagement or other types of behavioural program can go to waste because of the resistance that organisations have to changing behaviours. Elaborate and coherent initiatives can fail to secure a measurable ROI, as these are often diluted or distorted when implemented at scale.

Our programs provoke large scale behavioural change over dispersed workforces – whatever those behaviours might be (that is for you to decide). They create the drive and provide the necessary practice structure that builds behaviours at scale, in very short periods of time.

Imagine an entire organisation pulling together in the same direction, focusing on customers instead of blaming other departments and filled with people who want to make things work.

Our programs and tools have been used successfully both as a stand-alone interventions to drive large-scale cultural change, and as carriers or primers for strategic change programs that needed to show tangible new behaviours.



Cultural Due Diligence (CDD©)

When engaging in M&A activities, we know how important it is to inform your decisions objectively to reduce risks and be able to secure a return on the deal.

Cultural Due Diligence© (CDD©) translates the traditional ‘soft’ variables of people and Culture into concrete inputs to help senior teams optimise their M&A decision-making process.   

In short, you get what you need to forecast and mitigate potential cultural risks that could jeopardise the deal.

Specifically, we’ll uncover the cultural red-flags and suggest an intervention roadmap to guide your plans for a successful cultural integration of the new workforce to reduce lead-time to performance and avoid surprises that could jeopardise the deal down the line.

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