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Craig Heaven is a leading Cultural Architect, High Performance Coach, Speaker and Author. He is known for effective Culture Change, Behavioural Transformation, Employee Engagement, Accelerated Learning, Peak Performance and the Psychology of Leadership.

Working closely with both Pro MMA Fighters and Senior Business Leaders in a wide range of global blue chips, across many sectors and throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, Craig helps elite performers reach their peak and play there.

As a Cultural Architect and Management Consultant, Craig has designed and delivered bespoke Culture Change, Engagement and Leadership programs to some of the world’s largest organisations like Accenture, HSBC, QBE, Barclays, Philips. He teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people; he teaches people how to be inspirational leaders.

Author of The Uncaged Leader, (due for release Summer 2020), he was one of the pioneers in harnessing the latest advances in brain science with online technology to change behaviours at scale. He has a Masters in Chiropractic with a specialism in Health Psychology where he conducted fresh research into the strange subjectivity of pain. ‘When nothing else works, Craig gets results. That’s why I trust him with my fighters.’ (Mark Hobbs, Pro MMA Fight Coach)

By design his work is pragmatic, innovative and essential; above all, it’s effective and free from the pseudo-science and wishful thinking that plagues this arena. He likes to think of himself as a DJ of modern brain sciences and ancient cultural tools, but probably wouldn’t say that out loud, so instead he calls himself a disrupter, a fire starter and a wake-up artist.

Over 100,000 people have benefited from his approach to behavioural transformation both directly and through his courses, tools and speaking.



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The Uncaged Leader is unique. It provides readers with a concrete and practical roadmap to build leadership muscle – reliably, deeply and fast, so that it’s there when you most need it.

Drawing on latest advances in Learning Science, Cognitive Science, I/O Psychology, Organisational Behaviour and Behavioural Economics, the book offers a concrete framework to help individuals of all levels, functions, and backgrounds take charge of their own leadership development and grow their leadership skills quickly and deliberately.

Release date: Summer 2020


The Uncaged Leader

The Uncaged Leader goes beyond simply listing leadership traits, characteristics, styles, profiles and behaviours, or encouraging people to believe in themselves, or regurgitating stories of past leaders’ successes, all of which feel insightful but none of which actually make tangible difference to behaviour. Understanding is not the same as Doing. Insight is not the same as Action.

The Uncaged Leader reveals how to systematically develop psychological flexibility and grit, connect deeply with others and make a powerful difference. The lessons of the Uncaged Leader are instantly applicable and, when applied, will change how you approach your work immediately and forever. You’ll learn how to deliberately practise Leadership as a skill, starting today, where you are now.

Functionally tested and refined by 15 years experience coaching Pro-MMA Fighters and Senior Leaders across 5 continents in some of the world’s best known organisations like Accenture, HSBC, HP and QBE, Craig Heaven offers a wake up call and instruction manual to uncage the leadership potential that is already present in all of us.

The Uncaged Leader is a learning map for leaders of all levels, in all contexts. Whether you’re working in an organisation or in the outside world, leading through influence or formal hierarchy, driving a corporation or a social movement, if you want to significantly grow your impact, enrol people to your cause and get things done, it starts here.

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